To assist you with the process of moving out, we have created the following checklist as a guide. The property must be returned in the same condition as it was received at the commencement of the tenancy, albeit fair wear and tear. Having the property ready to inspect will assist a speedy return of your security deposit(s).

Please make sure of the following upon vacating:

All personal belongings and garbage must be removed from the premises. This includes shower curtains, trashcans, toiletry items, and food items.

Clean out and scrub down the refrigerator. The freezer should also be defrosted and cleaned. Be sure to (carefully) pull out refrigerator if possible and clean the floors underneath and wipe down the sides of the refrigerator.

Clean the oven, racks, door, grease trap, fan, stovetop, burners, and drip pans. If the drip pans cannot be cleaned, they must be replaced. Be sure to (carefully) pull out the stove if possible and clean the floors underneath and wipe down the sides of the stove. Wipe clean all counters, cupboards, and drawers, inside and out. The kitchen sink should be scrubbed and wiped clean.

Thoroughly clean all floors as appropriate (use wood cleaner on wood floors, vinyl cleaner on vinyl floors, etc.)

If the property has carpet flooring, they are required to be professionally cleaned. Proof must be submitted to Management in the form of an invoice from a reputable carpet cleaning company along with a receipt.

Thoroughly clean bathrooms including sink, counters, drawers, bathtub/shower, toilet, mirrors, and doors.

Remove all tacks or nails from the walls.

Wash interior windows, sills, and tracks of dust, grime, and/or fingerprints.

Dust all light fixtures and replace any burnt out or missing bulbs.

Wipe down all ceiling fan blades.

Wipe down/dust all blinds and clean or replace any dirty/damaged window coverings.

Ensure that all drapes/curtain rods and/or blinds be properly hung.

Wipe down outlet covers, door handles, and any other surface on which dust has accumulated. Clean all A/C intake covers and exhaust fan covers.

Wipe down all walls, paying special attention to areas around light switches, hallways, and doors, being sure to remove any cobwebs.

If applicable, clean the washing machine inside, outside, control knobs and behind.

If applicable, clean the dryer inside, outside, and carefully clean the lint filter.

If applicable, clean/change air conditioning filters in window units. Clean decks, patios, porch stoops, and front porch area.

Clean off exterior doors. Leave the exterior yard clean and maintained as per your rental agreement. Please note that this is a general guide.

Please keep in mind that any damage from pet(s) is not considered normal wear and tear.

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