To assist you with the process of moving out, we have created the following checklist as a guide. The property must be returned in the same condition as it was received at the commencement of the tenancy, albeit fair wear and tear. Having the property ready to inspect will assist a speedy return of your security deposit(s).

Please make sure of the following upon vacating:

  • Properly fill and submit the 60 Day Notice To Vacate.
  • Maintain the property in β€œShow Ready” condition.
  • Ensure that all rent is paid through the end of the lease.
  • Make sure your mail is properly redirected to your forwarding address. Please visit or your local post office to update your information and establish your forwarding service Β with the United States Postal Service
  • Return all keys to Blueprint on or before your lease expiration date. (house keys, garage and gate remotes, pool keys/cards, keys to shed/side gates/crawl spaces, etc.). Keys may be returned in person to our offices or by mail. We strongly recommend that if mailing the keys to our offices please be sure to include tracking information.
  • Once the keys are received,Β Blueprint will perform the move-out inspection within three (3) business days. Please remember that utilities must be kept ON till after the move-out inspection is completed.
  • After completion of move-out inspection, you will receive a confirmation that the move-out has been completed and you will receive a copy of the move-out inspection report.
  • Once the move-out inspection is completed, you may contact your utility providers to close or resolve accounts.
  • Submit all FINAL paid utility statements to Blueprint
  • Verify final forwarding address with Blueprint for security deposit returns

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