Your lease agreement authorizes Blueprint to show the property for lease the last 30/60 days of your lease. In order to facilitate the showing process with prospective Tenants, Blueprint may place an appropriate “For Lease” sign and place a key-box on the property.

If for any reason you cannot be present at the time of showing, Blueprint will use the key in the key box. A key box is a locked container in which a key to the property is placed. The key box can be opened with a special combination or other forms of access thereby enabling Blueprint, it’s representatives, and cooperating brokers and agents to gain access to the property.

You may withdraw your authorization to allow a key-box on the Property by providing written notice to Blueprint and paying a fee equal to 1 month’s rent as consideration for the withdrawal. If you select this option, Blueprint will remove the key-box within a reasonable time after receipt of the notice of withdrawal and payment in full of the required fee.

Whether or not you authorize a key-box to be placed on the Property please be aware that Blueprint may show the property at reasonable times to prospective Tenants.

Tenant understands that failure to allow reasonable showings as well as keeping the Property clean and in “showable” during this time constitutes default of the lease, and the security deposit, in its entirety, can be forfeited for this reason.

Blueprint may use a centralized showing service, such as ShowingTime, to notify you of showings and to record who is showing the property and the approximate time they are showing it. This service may give you a courtesy call, email, or text message to inform you of each showing. A courtesy call/email/text message means that they will reach out to you but if they cannot contact you, the agent will still show the property. We use the information that we have on file in the office to notify you of the approximate time when an agent will be showing the property. If you would like to be contacted at another number or email, please contact Blueprint immediately so that we can properly update our records. In addition, this service may record if you deny or cancel showings.

There is a fee, as described in your Lease Agreement, for each denied or canceled showing as well as if the property is unable to be accessed for showings. If applicable, please do not lock the keyless deadbolt on the front door and if you use a security system, call the office to confirm that we have the correct security code.

The Lease Agreement also requires you to secure your pets or remove them from the property if they would interfere or prohibit showings. Tenants will be charged trip charges, fees, or may even lose their deposit if they prevent or prohibit showings.

Please do not allow any prospective Tenants in your home unless they are accompanied by their real estate agent. Please refer them to the office to see the property.

If you have any questions please call our offices.

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